Letters to the Editor

Singing Raphe’s Praises 

Even though University of Oregon statues of the Pioneer Mother and Pioneer have been removed, along with the original name of Deady Hall, I’m glad to hear that “Mighty Oregon” is still being sung (“No Ducking the Fight Song,” Winter 2022). Thanks, Raphe, for helping to keep this spirited tradition alive! 

Vicki Smith Ross, BA ’71 (Spanish) 
Anchorage, Alaska 

Loved the Raphe Beck article, “No Ducking the Fight Song,” in the winter Oregon Quarterly. Very clever writing. In a songbook we picked up years ago at an estate sale, we noticed that there are two verses to “Mighty Oregon,” and that the lick we all love to sing—or at least clap to—is actually the chorus only (“Oregon our alma mater, we will guard thee on and on . . . ”). Who knew? This songbook, published in 1919, hails from the days of glee clubs and fraternity serenades, with each song relating to the U of O in some way. A few even allude to the call of duty in World War I. Call us up sometime and we’ll sing you a few. 

Anne Kolibaba Larkin, BA ’78 (English) 
Jerome Patrick Larkin, MA ’78 (journalism)
Portland, Oregon 

CORRECTIONS: Nichole Kelly is an Evergreen Professor in the College of Education and Trygve Faste is head of the Department of Product Design; articles in the winter issue misstated their titles. 

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