Meet the Class of 2016

Graduation Day 2015

On June 13, several thousand UO students will don caps and gowns, stroll through campus to Matthew Knight Arena for commencement ceremonies, and a short while later, emerge as graduates of the University of Oregon.

Many will continue their academic adventures in graduate school, while many others will move on to the first phase of their professional careers. Wherever they go, we wish them well.

They'll take with them more than diplomas. They'll have the memories of special times and places as well as the lessons taught both inside and outside the classroom by faculty mentors, by campus advisors and by friends. In these stories you'll get a glimpse into a few of those memories and of the courses being charted by the Class of 2016.

Portrait of Kate Rohrich, class of 2016
May 31

Graduate Profile: Kate Rohrich

"I’ve learned that the things that make you different and that you’re passionate about are some of the best things you have to offer to the world." — Meet Kate Rohrich, class of 2016, drum major and fan of long road trips. 

Tom Ptak
June 3

Graduate Profile: Tom Ptak

His favorite UO memory is meeting his wife-to-be: 'Nothing will ever top that'

Leila Mozaffarian
June 6

Graduate Profile: Leila Mozaffarian

"Being a Duck means being a part of a family that will be with you for the rest of your life."

Win Min
June 6

Graduate Profile: Win Min

"What I have learned is dream, plan, work with commitment and passion, then you will achieve what you want."

Tevin Tavares
June 7

Graduate Profile: Tevin Tavares

"Ducks stick together, we are all family. No matter where we go in life, we will always be Ducks."

Kathleen Darby
June 8

Graduate Profile: Kathleen Darby

"I think that what I learned is really how to think creatively vs. create skillfully. Learning that the concept behind the artwork needs to be on par with the technical skills that you bring to the idea is really important."