College of Arts and Sciences

Julie Weise
February 16

History professor to discuss Latino migration into the South

Julie Weise also will discuss her new book as part of a discussion about the history of Mexican people moving to the American South.
Amelia Fitch is the first UO student ever to win a prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship.
February 15

Bio student first at UO to win Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Amelia Fitch, a biology student in the Clark Honors College, will pursue a master's degree at the University of Cambridge in Great Britain.
Two colliding black holes
February 11

UO team helps catch a gravity wave for the first time ever

A UO researcher's decision to get some sleep gave a super-sensitive detector a chance to confirm Einstein's theory on gravity and space-time.
David Hollenberg (right) is assistant professor of Arabic language and literature in the Department of Religious Studies
February 5

Professor in race to save ancient Yemeni texts

David Hollenberg's efforts to save historical books from the destruction of war is featured in a news story on the Al Jazeera website.
February 4

Finalists for five dean and VP positions coming to campus

Each candidate will meet with stakeholder groups and make a presentation to the campus community as part of the visits.
UO geophysics professor Doug Toomey spoke about the need for an earthquake early warning system.
February 3

Doug Toomey attends White House earthquake summit

Toomey spoke to reporters about the need for an early warning system and a system for passing alerts along to the general public.
Anthropology professor Josh Snodgrass will direct a new Center for Undergraduate Excellence
February 3

New AVP Snodgrass will lead undergraduate research push

A recognized researcher and mentor, Snodrass will lead the development of a new Center for Undergraduate Excellence.
Leafcutters at work on a leaf
January 29

Robert Schofield's work on leafcutter ants gets a spotlight

Stories on Schofield's research on leafcutter ants also have appeared in and EurekAlert! in addition to other news sites.
New York Times building
January 28

Tuong Vu analyzes Vietnam's elections in NYT

The UO political science professor discussed the prospects for the Southeast Asian nation's economy in the wake of recent elections.
Robert Schofield
January 28

Skilled workers: Study shows the talents of leafcutter ants

Research in Colombia, Ecuador and Robert Schofield's UO lab shows how these ants use their legs and divide their leaf-processing duties.