In The News

October 3

Forbes calls AD Rob Mullens the man behind the Ducks

An article called Mullens one of the top college sports executives and someone who is helping shape the field nationally
October 2

UO tops list of most influential colleges in Oregon

The ranking by the higher education website adds to the university's rankings in other state and national metrics
October 1

UO gets nod for sports product programs in Portland

A story in The Oregonian highlights the university's efforts to expand its sports product programs and become a national leader
The HEDCO Building on the UO campus
September 29

Education cluster hire proposal featured in The Register-Guard

Story outlines plan to boost the College of Education with new faculty hires to maintain and expand its expertise in a variety of fields
September 26

UO athletics make Top Ten list of most economically efficient

The list measures which schools win the most championships for the least amount of money and is prepared by Texas A&M University
Jon Palfreman
September 24

Jon Palfreman to take part in worldwide Parkinson's webcast

The UO journalism professor has written a book about Parkinson's Disease and writes a blog for a journal that covers the illness
Notothenioid fish swimming at McMurdo Sound
September 22

New York Times bites on UO research news about Antarctic fish

The research found that antifreeze proteins in notothenioids keep ice crystals from melting when water temperatures rise above freezing
Yong Zhao
September 15

UO professor talks Chinese education with New York Times

Yong Zhao discusses his new book about the education system in China and what the United States can learn from it
September 11

President Coltrane shares plan for competitive excellence

The university will add faculty, increase support for students and expand classrooms, labs and offices as part of "competitive excellence"
Leslie Leve
September 8

Article outlines UO effort to boost research on obesity

Register-Guard story looks at the push to understand the genetic links to childhood obesity as part of a Clusters of Excellence proposal