In The News

December 2

UO's Sutherland talks ice in news story on Antarctic report

UO geologist provides an outside-expert's view of new study on Antarctic sea ice in a leading science journal
Amy Lobben
November 26

UO geographer Amy Lobben talks maps in The Atlantic

Geography department head Amy Lobben uses neuroscience and brain imaging to help understand how people process maps
Mary Wood
November 24

Atmospheric trust lawsuits get a review in Forbes commentary

The innovative legal theory, now the basis for at least nine lawsuits, suggests a new way of looking at the public trust
Vice President for Student Life Robin Holmes
November 14

VP Robin Holmes reiterates UO’s pot policy in USA Today story

Marijuana remains prohibited on campus, and the university will consider whether any policy changes are needed before the new law takes effect in July 2015
Interim President Scott Coltrane
November 7

Fathers still face stigma on family leave, Coltrane tells NYT

In an interview for The Upshot column, Coltrane talks about the potential penalties men face in taking leave
Naomi Zack
November 6

UO professor Naomi Zack discusses race in NYT column

In an interview with a Duquesne University philosophy professor, Zack talks about the false perceptions that help fuel racial inequity
Dennis Galvan
November 6

Study abroad is an investment in the future, Galvan writes

In a local op-ed column, the UO's vice president for international affairs writes about the benefits of sending students overseas to study
Michelle Scalise Sugiyama
November 6

Researcher's study on costs of war for women draws coverage

The journal Human Nature highlights research that looked at stories passed down for generations among people from around the world
October 29

TrackTown bid for IAAF World Championships draws headlines

Stories, a column and an editorial in two newspapers highlight the bid to hold the meet at an expanded Hayward Field
Paul Slovic
October 27

UO's Slovic tackles Ebola fears in Washington Post article

Paul Slovic has been quoted widely in the media about why people fear the Ebola virus despite the low risk of encountering it