Research and Innovation

Michael Posner
November 1

Franklin Institute selects UO's Posner for elite award

Posner's research on attention networks put him on a winner's list with Thomas Edison and Marie Curie
Doctor treating child in hospital
October 31

UO sociologist wins major grant to explore U.S. pediatric care

Postdoctoral researcher Liberty Barnes lands NSF fellowship to explore care-giving in children's hospitals
View of the reefs and islands around Airai Bay, Palau
October 28

Study finds climate helped guide early Pacific seafarers

Anthropology's Scott Fitzpatrick was on a team that used computer simulations and climatic data to seek origins of ambitious open-ocean journeys
Worker installing computer system
October 27

New high-performance computing facility nears completion

The new core center supercomputer will aid research across campus
María Belén Noroña traveling upriver in a long canoe through a rainforest.
October 26

Two UO grad students earn awards to do research abroad

One student will do research in Nepal, the other in the Amazon rainforest
Jennifer Hoy and Cris Niell
October 25

Seeing prey turn predator suggests mice as vision model

UO team uses mice to open a potential new route to study the vision-brain network
Elizabeth Budd
October 21

Activity helps kids stay fit, says UO cluster hire Elizabeth Budd

The new addition to the health cluster is ready to help kids and communities live healthy lives
UO President Michael Schill
October 19

News of Knight gift sends ripples across the nation

The story spread like a shock wave — the good kind — from coast to coast
President Michael Schill with students
October 17

This changes everything: President announces historic Knight gift

It lays the groundwork for a breakthrough $1 billion science initiative
President Michael Schill with professors (from left) Karen Guillemin, Bill Cresko and Patrick Phillips.
October 17

The UO sees its future change with historic Knight gift

The $500 million gift is the key to a new $1 billion campus for accelerating science