Research and Innovation

Obesity cluster hires (from left) Elizabeth Budd, Nichole Kelly, Nicole Giuliani and Tasia Smith
July 18

To every academic hiring, there is a season

The academic calendar, and issues peculiar to cluster hiring, dictate the time line for new hires
Elise Weldon with other geologists on Panama's Pedro Miguel fault
July 14

UO geologists get close-up view of Panama Canal expansion

Ray and Elise Weldon worked in separate projects to help the Panama Canal Authority come to grips with Panama's potential for earthquakes
Road sign for American Dream
July 5

UO-led study casts a shadow on the American dream

Research manipulated ties between income mobility and income inequality, finding outrage over inequalities when mobility is low
Image of the supernova taken with a telescope at Pine Mountain Observatory
June 27

Wow at Pine Mountain: UO students zoom in on a dying star

"An improbable goal" is reached as UO undergrads on the first science run of a "small but mighty" new telescope at the Pine Mountain Observatory
Madonna Moss in the field at Alaskan archaeological site
June 24

Ancient fish bones shed light on early Pacific Northwest life

Cultural differences and similarities over time are captured when UO researchers probe the compost of 222 archaeological sites
Google's self-driving cars lined up ready to go
June 22

UO researcher helps probe the morals of driverless cars

UO psychology prof Azim Shariff is part of a research team that explored what people want self-driving cars to do when lives matter
Allyn and Cheryl Ramberg Ford
June 17

Fords’ $7 million gift initiates renovation of Pacific Hall

The latest gift from donors Cheryl and Allyn Ford will renovate science labs and kick off a major update of the UO’s original 1952 science building
Jon Erlandson in the Channel Islands (Photo by Mahan Kalpa Khalsa)
June 16

World's landscapes all have felt the impacts of human activity

UO's Jon Erlandson had a role in a major review by international scholars of how the Earth's landscapes and ecosystems have been transformed by humans
Exterior of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History
June 14

Past gets bright future at Museum of Natural and Cultural History

The anonymous $2 million gift puts the museum closer to its $12 million endowment goal
Illustration of gravity wave ripples
June 14

LIGO observatory finds another gravity wave from deep space

UO researchers help confirm only the second-ever detection of a spacetime ripple