Academics and Research

LERC sign image
March 24

UO educator earns lifetime achievement award

Over the course of 30-year career, Feekin won widespread acclaim as a trusted educator and mentor who both challenged and inspired her students.
Architecture professor Mark Gillem
March 23

Gillem and team win 7 of 17 awards for federal projects

The awards honored Gillem and his firm, The Urban Collaborative, for projects focused on American military installations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
Joe Wekselblatt and Cris Niell
March 23

A way toward unlocking the teenage brain?

UO scientists develop a live imaging system for mice that could help identify mechanisms of information processing and subsequent behavior.
Daphne Gallagher
March 18

Researchers get lathered up over Shea butter's history

University of Oregon anthropologists find evidence of production in layers of households built atop of each other for 1,600 years.
UO musicology professor Marian Smith
March 18

Musicologist tapped for prestigious NY fellowship

Smith will be in residence this summer at the Center for Ballet and the Arts at New York University, where she and a collaborator will finish a book on 19th-...
Biology professor Cris Niell
March 16

UO researcher receives young investigator award

Cristopher Niell, whose research focuses on large-scale neural networks, was among a group of 47 scientists selected by the Office of Naval Research.
March 15

UO's accidental discovery hits Science Nation spotlight

The NSF video looks at SupraSensor Technologies, a spinoff company founded after a project in chemistry found a new way to monitor nitrates on farms.
The Internet of Things graphic
March 14

Learning to cope with the Internet of Things (Cascade)

A new course taught by computer science professor Stephen Fickas is modeled on the interconnected world that will await students once they graduate.
Microbial cloud illustration by Gwenda Kaczor
March 9

Like it or not, we all have our own cloud of microbes (OQ)

Thanks to research conducted by BioBE scientists, we now know that each of us emits a one-of-a-kind microbial cloud into the surrounding air.
Shawn Lockery
March 8

Nematode brains offer window into human sleep problems

UO project suggests that neuron firing in foraging roundworms is similar to fragmentation in humans who struggle to sleep, a first step in the search for new...