Academics and Research

January 8

Low-wage jobs growing in Oregon, straining safety net

A new report by the UO's Labor Education Research Center finds low-wage jobs are replacing higher-paying work.
Caitlin Plowman
December 19

Students probe the world's deepest oceans on research trip

On a research trip to the Mariana Trench, one student examined sea creatures plucked from the deepest depths ever recorded
December 16

AAA is charter member of new architecture consortium

UO will expand its focus on the built environment and human health as part of the AIA Design & Health Research Consortium.
Sarah Carlson (left) and Gina Biancarosa
December 15

UO researchers developing a diagnostic reading assessment

The test is being designed to help third-fifth graders overcome hurdles to reading comprehension
November 19

UO grad student to study microbes in urban planning

With EPA fellowship, Gwynne Mhuireach will spend two years studying the health impacts of a lack of greenery in some Eugene neighborhoods
Pat Ward preps a sabertooth salmon skull
November 19

Fossil finds yield a surprise about Oregon’s sabertooth salmon

Found in a quarry near Madras, the new specimen shows that the ferocious teeth of the ancient fish stuck out sideways from the jaw
Karen Guillemin, Judith Eisen, Cristopher Niell and Philip Washbourne
October 30

Digest this: Gut microbes may affect brain and behavior

Four-member team of UO biologists will use zebrafish to explore that idea with new funding from the National Institutes of Health
October 24

Faculty help needed to improve English language instruction

AEI survey is part of a research project aimed at helping international students communicate more clearly with UO faculty
October 21

"Brain games" don't live up to the hype, researchers say

The statement signed by more than 70 top researchers says people will get better results exercising or socializing than with online brain training
INRB Lab workers in Kinshasa with a diagnostic kit for use in the field
October 12

Ebola halts program in Ghana, shines light on UO-based disaster resilience network

A group email list initiated to serve Disaster Resilient Universities is now tracking Ebola responses and helping disaster planning in higher education