College of Arts and Sciences

Leveling anchor blocks and attachments for the McMurdo Oceanographic Observatory's camera
April 9

UO scientist unveils a live look under Antarctica's sea ice

With an NSF grant, biologist Paul Cziko installs a digital window 70 feet under the Antarctic sea ice
Microscope image of bacteria
April 6

Pub talk will dig into things that make gut microbes tick

UO physicist Raghuveer Parthasarathy will give a Quack Chats talk April 11 at the Ax Billy Grill
Raevyn Rogers
April 5

Raevyn Rogers: Triple Crown

Whether it’s speed on the track, fluency in Spanish, or artistry on canvas, Raevyn Rogers is true to her talents
Walmart in China
April 5

Unrest in the Aisles

A UO sociologist examines labor conditions for Walmart workers in China—and a resistance movement
Ellen Chandler
April 5

The Best...Life Lesson

Her father’s death prompted Ellen Chandler to explore philosophy—and ask challenging questions
leif karlstrom
April 5

Profile: Leif Karlstrom

By day, Leif Karlstrom is a specialist in volcanology. He's also a classically trained violinist and bluegrass fiddler.
The Matteson family welcomes new student
April 5

AEI program helps international students feel at home

The program facilitates cultural exchange between Eugene households and UO international students
stephen gillett
April 4

Stephen Gillett: Leveling Up

Tech exec Stephen Gillett ’98 has applied valuable lessons learned from his UO days and as a video gamer
Seedling growing in an open book
April 4

New grant bolsters UO center for environmental humanities

The $600,000 award from the Mellon Foundation will expand the Center for Environmental Futures
David McCormick
April 3

Neuroscientist to talk about how the brain creates reality

David McCormick, director of the UO’s Institute of Neuroscience, will give a free science talk April 17