College of Arts and Sciences

Sravya Tadepalli
March 28

Duck named as a finalist for the Harry S. Truman scholarship

Sravya Tadepalli is a Wayne Morse Scholar majoring in political science and journalism
Theresa May and actor on stage
March 28

Environmental activism takes the stage in professor's new work

Theresa May explores the role of theater in raising awareness about the earth in a new book
Sanjay Srivastava
March 27

Prof talks on where psychology went wrong and how to fix it

Sanjay Srivastava spoke with Live Science about the problems with psychology and steps to improve it
Melissa Baese-Berk
March 23

Professor gives tips for how to learn a language through TV

Melissa Baese-Berk told CNN how watching sitcoms and other programs can aid learning
UO anthropology professor Lynn Stephen
March 22

Provost awards new Knight Chair to professor of anthropology

Lynn Stephen is an acknowledged researcher, teacher and leader in Latin American studies
Image shows the view looking seaward from the island of Yap
March 22

UO team to set sail on a quest to trace ancient Pacific voyages

Scott Fitzpatrick and grad student Matthew Napolitano hope to find the earliest settlement of Yap
The Price Science Library's Visulaization Lab
March 21

Five junior faculty members receive prestigious research grant

Five University of Oregon faculty members received prestigious National Science Foundation Career Awards this academic year.
March 20

Six graduate science programs land in national rankings

Earth sciences was the highest-ranked program, landing at No. 31 on the USN&WR list
Chapman Hall
March 20

U.S. News gives high marks to UO graduate programs

Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education and School of Law are listed
Aerial view of campus
March 20

As UO prepares to grow, so does planning for a new building

The classroom and faculty office building would add 750 student seats and could open in 2021