Quack Chats

Amanda Cote will discuss what it’s like to be a woman involved in a male-dominated culture
The next Quack Chat delves into one of the big downsides of e-commerce: More traffic
Historian Steven Beda's Quack Chats talk will explore how they once joined forces
Tien-Tien Yu is taking a new approach in the search for the universe's elusive dark matter
UO psychologist Elliot Berkman will talk about how people can change their habits
Neuroscientist Cristopher Niell will talk about research with mice and octopuses Dec. 11
Five trips to Antarctica opened a window for John Postlethwait on how icefish adapted
Historian Julie Weise says the government for many years encouraged border crossings
Professor Glynne Walley will talk about senjafuda votive slips at the Oct. 9 event
Biologist Nadia Singh will talk about genetic recombination as a way to survive harsh conditions