Quack Chats

Delivery boxes stacked on sidewalk
February 14

With all the online ordering, will we soon need delivery robots?

The next Quack Chat delves into one of the big downsides of e-commerce: More traffic
Loggers standing on log
January 31

Learn how environmentalists and loggers once worked together

Historian Steven Beda's Quack Chats talk will explore how they once joined forces
Dark matter illlustration
January 17

UO physicist to shine a light on dark matter at pub talk

Tien-Tien Yu is taking a new approach in the search for the universe's elusive dark matter
Parts of the brain linked to forming habits
January 3

Brain-based tips for sticking to New Year’s resolutions

UO psychologist Elliot Berkman will talk about how people can change their habits
December 6

Pub talk looks at what animal vision teaches us about humans

Neuroscientist Cristopher Niell will talk about research with mice and octopuses Dec. 11
Palmer Station Antarctica
November 8

Pub talk will explore links between icefish and human aging

Five trips to Antarctica opened a window for John Postlethwait on how icefish adapted
Mexico-U.S. border sign
October 18

Quack Chats explores the U.S. role in Mexican immigration

Historian Julie Weise says the government for many years encouraged border crossings
Japanese votive slip
October 4

Ghosts and monsters of Japan to scare up interest at pub talk

Professor Glynne Walley will talk about senjafuda votive slips at the Oct. 9 event
Nadia Singh
September 20

Learn how organisms cope with environmental challenges

Biologist Nadia Singh will talk about genetic recombination as a way to survive harsh conditions
A cabinet of curiosities
July 4

The history of curiosity to be put under the pub talk lens

Historian Vera Keller will talk about how research came about in a July 10 Quack Chat