Quack Chats

February 27
Amanda Cote will discuss what it’s like to be a woman involved in a male-dominated culture
February 14
The next Quack Chat delves into one of the big downsides of e-commerce: More traffic
January 31
Historian Steven Beda's Quack Chats talk will explore how they once joined forces
January 17
Tien-Tien Yu is taking a new approach in the search for the universe's elusive dark matter
January 3
UO psychologist Elliot Berkman will talk about how people can change their habits
December 6
Neuroscientist Cristopher Niell will talk about research with mice and octopuses Dec. 11
November 8
Five trips to Antarctica opened a window for John Postlethwait on how icefish adapted
October 18
Historian Julie Weise says the government for many years encouraged border crossings
October 4
Professor Glynne Walley will talk about senjafuda votive slips at the Oct. 9 event
September 20
Biologist Nadia Singh will talk about genetic recombination as a way to survive harsh conditions