Academics and Research

People using cellphones
November 14

Researchers think cell phones might help prevent suicides

UO researchers use facial patterns, language and movement to track behavioral changes
Books in a tablet
November 13

New minor brings high-tech tools to the study of the humanities

Data visualization, digital publishing and digital mapping tools are revolutionizing the field
Jon Erlandson in kayak
November 10

The first Americans were seafarers, not hikers, paper says

Jon Erlandson believes the first humans in the Americas arrived by boat, not a Siberian land bridge
White Stag Block
November 9

New Agora Center report finds a promising future for local news

The white paper, the center's first, sees hope for locally oriented journalism
Students in the CMAE
November 9

Joint effort will boost student academic success and diversity

Multicultural center and Undergraduate Studies partner on new initiative
Illustration of predicted protein evolutionary routes
November 6

A failed experiment may help explain a protein puzzle

An effort to predict protein evolution didn’t work as expected but still may benefit medicine
Particle collision illustration
November 3

Pub talk on Nov. 8 to explore the deep physics of the universe

Stephanie Majewski will offer a close-up look at the Large Hadron Collider and her quest to find dark matter
Steven Rendall
November 2

Professor emeritus wins American Historical Association Award

It is the fourth major award for Steven Rendall, a Professor Emeritus of romance languages
Conference via computer
November 2

Gather platform helps journalists who give the public a voice

It’s part of the SOJC Agora Center’s effort to support ‘engaged journalism’
Presschool children listen to their teacher
October 31

Bilingual preschoolers have better impulse control, study finds

UO doctoral student in psychology finds direction during a talk by a College of Education professor