Best of the West

American Indian beauty pageant winner, Oregon, 1997. Photograph by William Albert Allard - National Geographic Stock

Silhouetted fans watch the Big Rodeo at Burwell in central Nebraska. Photograph by Joe Sartore - National Geographic Stock A wind farm in Tehachapi, California. Photograph by Sarah LeenMonument Valley. Photograph by Bruce Dale - National Geographic StockNevada Cowboy. Photograph by William Albert Allard - National Geographic StockHaying Nebraska. Photograph by Jim Richardson - National Geographic StockAntelope Canyon, Arizona. Photograph by Frans Lanting - National Geographic StockNatural Bridges National Monument. Photograph by Jim Richardson - National Geographic StockNorthern spotted owl. Photograph by Michael Nichols - National Geographic StockThroughout its 125-year history, National Geographic has published iconic photographs of the American West that both support and defy romantic notions of the land and its peoples. Around 70 large-format images from the magazine's vast archive are presented in the exhibit "National Geographic Greatest Photographs of the American West," on display at the University of Oregon's Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art through the end of the year. Featured photographers include Sam Abell, Ansel Adams, William Albert Allard, Edward S. Curtis, David Alan Harvey, William Henry Jackson, Sarah Leen, and Joe Sartore, among many others. The exhibition is made possible with the generous support of the Coeta and Donald Barker Special Exhibitions Endowment, the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Care Foundation, and museum members.