Oregon Quarterly Spring 2012

Photograph by Michael McDermott
April 1

Power Hungry

UO researcher Shannon Boettcher works on developing a solar-power storage system that is as smart as your basic dandelion

The middle dipping powder for chef Matt Bennett's "deconstructed pemmican" began as elk sirloin, which he dried and ground in a coffee grinder; beside it on the hawthorn slab are raspberry and strawberry powders from Oregon Freeze Day in Albany.
April 1

Kalapuya Cuisine

Albany chef Matt Bennett debuts camas bulbs and wapato tubers for New York City diners

Photograph by Jack Liu
April 1

Rose to Power

Photos of the Rose Bowl 2012 Championship

Photograph CC Terry Chay by-NC-ND-3.0
April 1

Oregon Patriot in Tough Times

Poet Kim Stafford explores what it means to belong to a place

UO researchers study children's brains and teach kids to overcome obstacles to learning. Photograph by Christina M. Karns
April 1

Rerailing the Brain Train

UO's Brain Development Lab helps underprivileged kids stay focused

Longtime Reed College professor Lloyd Reynolds, MA '29. Photograph courtesy Reed College Library - Reed Digital Collection
April 1

Joy in the Making

How a Northwesterner's love of calligraphy changed the world

Victoria Williams '81 the bingo wheel, picking out a winner. Courtside announcer Don Essig '64, '71, to the right, calls out the numbers. Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

Not Your Everyday, Cookie-Cutter Boosters

The Daisy Ducks enhance student athletes' experiences at the UO

Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

The Best... Place to Nap

If you're in need of peace and quiet, then there's no place like the Taylor Lounge

Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

Profile: Yvonne Braun

Women's and gender studies professor challenges students to be active in creating the kind of world that they want to have

A group of female friends dressed in men's suits, ca. 1910. Photograph courtesy Minnesota Historical Society
April 1

Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls

An excerpt from Re-Dressing America's Frontier Past, by Peter Boag, PhD '88