Academics and Research

Kimberly Andrews-Espy
January 1

Oregon Research report released by UO's RIGE

The 2013 Oregon Research report focuses on how best to establish and guide the next generation of scientists.
December 22

OIMB receives funding for wind turbine

The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology has received a grant to fund a 10 kW wind turbine at the Charleston Marine Life Center in Coos Bay.
December 18

UO professor teams up with University of Texas colleague to study effects of climate change in Peru

As Oregon football prepares to face Texas in the Alamo Bowl, collaboration between researchers is helping explain the effects of climate change in Peru.
Siemens Magnetom Skyra 3T MRI scanner
December 12

Upgraded LCNI magnet is among the most powerful in the region

The powerful MRI scanner at the Lewis Center for Neuroimaging is being upgraded to expand the range of imaging options available to researchers.
Reza Rejaie
November 26

UO professor of computer science awarded $500K NSF grant to study internet connectivity

Reza Rejaie has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the NSF’s Computer and Network Systems: Core Programs.
Richard Chartoff
November 20

UO professor receives Grand Challenges Explorations grant for global health and development research

Richard Chartoff will pursue an innovative global health and development research project to develop of the next generation of condoms.
Ilya Bindeman and Dana Drew in the stable isotope laboratory
November 14

UO research points to 'recycled' super-volcanic magma chambers

An examination of zircon from the Snake River Plain has solidified evidence for a new way of looking at super-volcanic eruptions in Yellowstone.
November 11

UO researcher: abusive parenting may have biological basis

Elizabeth Skowron's research shows that abusive parents appear to have a physiological response that triggers more harsh parenting.
Shannon Boettcher
November 5

UO-OSU collaboration leads to breakthrough in understanding aluminum

Researchers in the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry have developed the first platform to fully study and understand the aqueous chemistry of aluminum.
Edward Kame'enui's lecture (photo by Lewis Taylor)
October 31

Kame’enui delivers Presidential Research Lecture

Kame’enui argued creating a blueprint for instruction based on solid scientific evidence should be a central focus of our public schools.