Academics and Research

Students talk at last year's Graduate Research Forum
February 25

UO's fifth annual Graduate Research Forum will be largest, most inclusive

The one-day UO conference showcases research and creative expressions by graduate students in all of the university’s graduate colleges and schools
Vertebrae from herring collected at an archeological site
February 19

Herring are important contributor to life along the Pacific Coast

Bones of Pacific herring have provided researchers a lesson in ecological history that should aid in fisheries management in the future
Networking eventually leads to more correct answers
February 18

UO study says networking cuts down on thinking skills

Need an answer to a problem? Cast it out to your social networks. Chances are you'll get the solution, but it may not expand your analytical thinking abilities
Greg Retallack
February 17

Oregon Academy of Science at UO to discuss climate change

Three UO scientists will discuss a study on how rising carbon dioxide levels may impact the state during annual Oregon Academy of Science meeting
Proposals for “Innovations in Graduate Education” seed funding are due Feb. 21
February 13

UO Graduate School to fund professional development initiatives

Innovations in Graduate Education Program will offer as many as five awards of up to $4,000 each for graduate students' professional development
Ashley Streig shows wood chips found in sediment of a pre-1906 earthquake
February 13

Oregon-led team confirms 1838 and 1890 earthquakes occurred on San Andreas Fault

Ashley Streig's research resulted in a study that shows that San Francisco's 1906 quake was the third of a series on San Andreas Fault
Lillis Business Complex
February 10

UO researchers study microbes in dust for building design clues

Researchers create a microbial snapshot of the Lillis Business Complex, based on dust collected in various areas
Bone regeneration in zebra fish could advance therapies for bone fractures and disease
February 4

Zebra fish fins help Oregon researchers gain insight

Insights gained by UO researchers on the natural process of bone regeneration in zebra fish could be used to advance therapies for bone fractures and disease
January 13

Memo describes position changes in UO's RIGE

The following memo from Kimberly Andrews Espy, the UO's vice president for research and innovation and dean of the UO Graduate S
Three-dimensional print of a portion of the saber-toothed salmon fossil
January 7

UO paleontologist, librarian creating 3-D printout of rare fossil

Paleontologist Edward Davis and librarian Dean Walton are creating a 3-D printout of a saber-toothed salmon fossil using a printer at the Science Library.