Academics and Research

October 24

Faculty help needed to improve English language instruction

AEI survey is part of a research project aimed at helping international students communicate more clearly with UO faculty
October 21

"Brain games" don't live up to the hype, researchers say

The statement signed by more than 70 top researchers says people will get better results exercising or socializing than with online brain training
INRB Lab workers in Kinshasa with a diagnostic kit for use in the field
October 12

Ebola halts program in Ghana, shines light on UO-based disaster resilience network

A group email list initiated to serve Disaster Resilient Universities is now tracking Ebola responses and helping disaster planning in higher education
A male haplochromine cichlid with characteristic egg-spots on its anal fin
October 10

UO zebrafish help explain egg-spots on African cichlids' fins

Postdoc in the Institute of Neuroscience moves cichlid gene regulatory elements into zebrafish to help unravel an evolutionary mystery
October 3

UO startup center wins NSF grant to help developing nations

The center has helped develop Internet capacity and expertise in more than 100 countries around the world
A 14,400 year old human coprolite from Pailsey Caves, the oldest identified site in Oregon listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014
October 3

Paisley Caves added to National Register of Historic Places

Dried human excrement dating to 14,400 years ago helped the Oregon site make the National Register of Historic Places
Three generations of speakers come together for an immersion experience at the recent 2014 NILI Summer Institute. These types of multigenerational activities ensure that language is passed down from generation to generation.
October 2

UO institute pioneers new educational method to protect at-risk youth in Northwest tribes

A new approach by the Northwest Indian Language Institute incorporates language and cultural instruction into high school curriculums
September 19

UO made steady gains in research and innovation in FY 2014

A record number of research proposals were recorded in 2013-2014, a year that also saw a 13 percent increase in awards funding
Doug Toomey
September 19

UO geologist advocates for state investment in earthquake sensors

A UO geological scientist is taking his request to Salem to persuade state officials to invest in earthquake monitoring sensors
Brendan Bohannan
September 18

UO is co-leader in Amazon study of methane-related microbes

Brendan Bohannan will use the UO's genomic and computer-modeling technologies on soils affected by shifting rainforests to farmland