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Two portraits, side by side, of author Ursula K. Le Guin
January 26

The week that was in social media, Jan. 20-26

Ursula Le Guin’s passing and Steve Prefontaine’s birthday were among this week’s topics
Nick Allen in his Department of Psychology office
January 26

Researchers say babies can experience postpartum depression

Nick Allenand Benjamin Nelson wrote about research on stress in mother-child relationships
Elizabeth Skowron
January 25

Professor talks to Time about the psychology of child abuse

Elizabeth Skowron commented on the story of a California couple's imprisonment of their children
Immigration form
January 24

Researcher writes about the psychological costs of deportation

Tobin Hansen, a doctoral candidate in anthropology, writes about deportees in northern Mexico
Newspapers on a table
January 23

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Reporters sought out faculty members for insights on willpower, Donald Trump and other topics
Jess Kokkeler
January 19

The week that was in social media, Jan. 14-19

Take a look at some of the social media posts from the UO over the past week
Damian Radcliffe, SOJC professor, working at a computer
January 19

Prof's 10 seminal moments in the history of audio storytelling

Journalism professor Damian Radcliffe identifies important moments in audio storytelling
Dan Tichenor
January 18

Prof comments on historical links to debate on legal immigration

Professor Dan Tichenor talks about the national-origins quotas in the 20th century
Law professor Liz Tippett
January 17

Legal reforms needed to counter workplace harassment

Law professor Elizabeth Tippett writes about cracks in workplace rules that let sexual harassment flourish
Jennifer Freyd
January 12

Professor describes how institutions betray sex assault victims

Psychology professor Jennifer Freyd writes about institutional betrayal and how it can be countered with courage