In The News

Climate change protester
October 31

Law professor writes about landmark climate change lawsuit

Mary Wood stresses the relevance of the youth lawsuit as well as the possible outcomes
Collapsed buildings in Mexico after the 2017 Tehuantepec earthquake
October 29

UO professor talks mega-quakes with National Geographic

Diego Melgar talks about an earthquake in Mexico that fractured the surface of the earth
Justin Gallegos
October 24

Duck runner in the spotlight after getting Nike contract

Justin Gallegos became the company's first professional athlete with cerebral palsy
Newspapers and tablets
September 10

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Faculty experts weighed in on topics including Nike ads, breaking habits and climate change
Commercial fishing trawlers side by side in the ocean
September 10

UO professor talks about overfishing research on OPB show

Greg McDermott recently led a study on the overuse of natural goods prior to conservation
Dating app on phone
August 31

Professor explores the lies people tell their dating apps

Assistant professor of data analytics talks about types of falsehoods used on dating sites
Scene from 'Crazy Rich Asians'
August 29

Article: Movie stereotypes shouldn't be taken seriously

Psychology professor warns viewers about the stereotypes in the new movie 'Crazy Rich Asians'
Newspapers and laptop
August 24

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Media outlets sought out UO experts for stories on scooters, 'Animal House' and others
Teenager diving backward off an oceanside cliff
August 22

Research on kids and behavior is featured nationwide

Atika Khurana, a professor in family and human services, is the lead author of the study
Silicone brushes
August 21

UO professor writes about the fall and rise of silicone

Kiersten Muenchinger’s story on the revival of the substance has received wide attention