In The News

Angkor Wat
June 5

Angkor Wat digs yield new clues to its civilization's decline

UO anthropologist Alison Kyra Carter is reshaping the narrative around the city's rise and fall
Notre Dame fire
April 16

History prof says Notre Dame damaged, but it will survive

Architectural historian Maile Hutterer says the cathedral has overcome many challenges
NASA astronaut Ann McClain
April 15

UO professor says NASA fails at supporting spacewomen

The lack of a properly sized spacesuit for astronaut Ann McClain revealed a bias within the agency
Tim Duy (left) and Bruce McCain
March 6

UO professor says recessions are getting harder to predict

Economist Tim Duy says a trend of lower growth is making it harder to see downturns coming
Law professor Liz Tippett
March 5

Conversation: #MeToo is upending old ideas of worker loyalty

UO law professor Liz Tippett says the movement is part of an ongoing legal and cultural shift
UO law professor Mary Wood
February 21

Law professor discusses landmark environmental lawsuit

Mary Christina Wood talks about efforts to address climate change through the courts
Workers on strike
February 4

Why a 1919 strike in Seattle could renew the labor movement

UO history professor Steven Beda writes that important lessons can be learned from the walkout
President Michael Schill
February 1

Op-ed calls on Legislature to boost its investment in students

President Michael Schill and student and union leaders say additional state funding is needed
The White House, North Lawn
January 27

Trump investigations are just the tip of the iceberg, prof writes

Ofer Raban, who teaches consitutional law at the UO, delves into the financial crimes of the wealthy
Science newspaper
January 8

Journalists benefit from learning more about science, prof writes

The SOJC's Hollie Smith says scientists and journalists both benefit from better communication